One World Together

One World Together is to be an Not Profit Association that challenges the current model for development. Our aim is to provide a new approach based on entrepreneurship in stead of financing.

Our first project is to organise tours in Benin using electric bikes as the main travelling mean. Once financial stable and sustainable, a part of the benefits will be redistributed towards the tourism sector in Benin by supporting local association for them to resist to the international competition.

We are now in a conceptual phase but we will answer 3 main demands:

  • To develop a structure (not-profit association, company, organisation) that is respectful of the people who it is working with and whom the activities impacts, by redistributing a part of the benefit in the tourism sector ;
  • To propose a more ecological way of travelling (e-bikes will allow use to use less of the other means of transport) ;
  • To propose trips that include: culture discovery, nature, physical activity and relaxing time.

Our objectif is to open up at the beginning of the next year. Since we are still in the conceptual phase it would be of great value for us if you would spend 10 minutes to fill in the following form to wider our possibilities.


If you want to stay tuned or if you have any comments/suggestions please let us know on :

Have a wonderful day and thank you,

One World Together Team